Testosterone Replacement Therapy


Many men in America and for various and sundry reasons, can begin losing TESTOSTERONE at a rate of 3 to 10 percent per year right around age 30 and over time, that can really add up... usually not in a good way for the guy. Those men finding themselves lacking sexual desire, suffering uncontrolled weight gain, losing muscle mass and feeling sluggish, depressed and irritable have often been convinced they must endure these body and hormonal changes as a normal part of aging.

Symptoms associated with testosterone deficiency (LOW T) in men often include FATIGUE, loss of mental acumen, POOR CONCENTRATION, LOW LIBIDO (low sex drive), difficulty achieving and possibly even sustaining an erection (ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION or E.D), sever mood fluctuations and HIGH ANXIETY. As more and more men begin openly complaining of symptoms like these, medical literature today actually defines a man “equivalent” to that woman's change of life called menopause. A man can often hear the tongue-in-cheek title for his situation referred to as “Man-o-pause” but the current accepted scientific moniker for this looming specter is: ANDROPAUSE.

Unlike in history, testosterone used today is NATURALLY DERIVED & can be ideal for those men wanting the benefits of those BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONES typically absent the drawbacks synthetic molecules may lead to.


Why might TESTOSTERONE PELLET therapy for be right for you? Male hormonal needs in general and TESTOSTERONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY (TRT) specifically has of late received nationwide attention... and rightly so. Men's LOW T levels in America are so commonplace in today's chemically toxin-rich environment that Low T and the sever deleterious effects it brings men nationwide have almost become a matter of National Security.

TESTOSTERONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY (TRT) deploying bio-identical TESTOSTERONE INJECTIONS or TESTOSTERONE PELLET therapy are well established, safe and effective methods of testosterone therapy available today. These methods of TRT can provide a man stable, optimal & consistent testosterone levels, all throughout his day and in the case of TESTOSTERONE PELLETS, this can last anywhere from four to six months after a single office visit. Stable, optimal & consistent testosterone levels, like those found when a man can get TRT with bio-identical testosterone pellets avoid those “roller coaster” effects of variable blood levels of testosterone, which can often result in mood, energy and motivation (personally, professionally & in the bedroom) fluctuation for the man. TESTOSTERONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY (TRT) deploying bio-identical TESTOSTERONE INJECTIONS & PELLET therapy have over time shown excellent results treating men suffering from LOW T.

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